Monday, December 31, 2007

CRITIQUE & REVIEW: "Beowulf" Just Average, IMAX Presentation A Must See

The wall-to-wall CGI version of the Old English epic "Beowulf" is an important movie, not because of the acting or even the Angelina Jolie faux-nude scene but because of the 3-D IMAX presentation that really took a mediocre and eminently forgettable flick and kicked it up to a new level. This movie will be looked back on as a turning point in the advance of 3-D in movies. To compete with the advances in HD, movie theaters will need to further differentiate themselves from the home theater experience. “Beowulf” offers one possible course for Hollywood to take to survive and thrive. Don’t wait for DVD, don’t see it at a “normal” theater. See it on 3-D IMAX only.

Look: 10 (for 3-D IMAX version)

Story: 6.5

Acting: 6

Goal: 9

Intangibles: 9

Overall: 8

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