Thursday, January 03, 2008

CRYSTAL BALL: Romney, Obama My Predictions for Iowa Winners

With the caveat that I’m an announced Mitt Romney supporter, here are my predictions for tonight’s Iowa Caucuses:


  1. Obama (by a surprisingly comfortable margin)
  2. Edwards (lives to fight – and inevitably die – another day)
  3. Clinton (crisis in Camp Clinton, wait for the finger-pointing, it’ll get ugly)


  1. Romney (narrow, kissing-your-sister-like “win”)
  2. Huckabee (high water mark, thank you for playing)
  3. Thompson (see Edwards comment above)
  4. McCain (could be 3rd over Thompson, they’ll be neck and neck for 3-4)
  5. Paul (juggernaut rolls on to Libertarian Party nomination)
  6. Giuliani (wow, taking on water, needs to over-perform in New Hampshire)

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