Monday, June 09, 2008

Sen. Jake Flake, R.I.P

A great friend at the Arizona Legislature passed away over the weekend, Sen. Jake Flake. You can review and add your own thoughts and prayers about this great man at the Flake Family Guestbook.

Sen. Jake Flake was one of the “good guys” at the Legislature.
You never heard an unkind word about the dignified, humble and immeasurably honorable rancher from Snowflake. I don’t know what word means “patriotic” when it’s applied to one’s state rather than to one’s country. Whatever that word is, Jake Flake embodied that spirit of love for Arizona that includes rare statesmanship and a profound respect for the people and natural heritage of Arizona. I can’t help but think that a precious, unappreciated era is slipping away with his passing. He will be sorely missed. God bless you, Jake Flake and thank you for sharing your light with the people of Arizona.


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