Friday, September 15, 2006

CRITIQUE & REVIEW: "The Black Dahlia" wilts

The Black Dahlia is a good-looking movie. But saying that about a movie is like saying a girl has a nice personality. She doesn’t really do it for you; same thing with this movie. It has good-looking stars, including the reemergence of Mia Kirshner, also know as the deliciously evil and cunning Mandy from "24". It has Scarlett Johansson mailing in her performance and Hilary Swank doing her best late-1940’s bisexual vamp pose. Josh Hartnett and Aaron Eckhart are the male leads. Director Brian De Palma makes a visually satisfying film that like cotton candy has little substance. Save your money at the theater and wait for it to come on cable.

Look: 8
Story: 3
Acting: 5
Goal: 4
Intangibles: 3
Overall: 5
The above scores are based on a 10-point scale.
  • Look has to do with the visual artistry of the film.
  • Story rates the how compelling the film’s plot is.
  • Acting rates the overall performances of the actors.
  • Goal measures the success of the film at accomplishing its goal… does a comedy make you laugh, does a thriller cause goose bumps.
  • Intangibles score any special circumstances or accomplishments the movie deserves to be recognized for.
  • Overall rating is not an average of the other categories, just this reviewer’s impression of the entire work and how I would rate the film to a friend.

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